Laptop Carrier - Ranger Green

Manufacturer: Agilite
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• Attacks don’t usually happen when you have your full gear accessible. The Agilite Laptop Carrier gives you the ability to take a concealed emergency gear system absolutely anywhere.

• The Agilite Laptop Carrier™ was designed initially for Israeli covert security services to be able to blend into civilian environments but always retain emergency protection, equipment and a minimalist platform they can fight out of.

• It fits soft or hard armor inserts and can go from laptop bag to plate carrier mode in seconds so you can engage a shooter fast and hands free.

• As professionals who carry laptops every day, it was just as important to us that the day-to-day features were as well thought out as the emergency ones.

• It fits all common laptop sizes including 15.6”. It also has storage compartments for a computer charger, mouse, headphones, tablets, notebooks, keys and other essential items. It’s also designed for rifle & pistol mags, tourniquets, knives and more. It has a dedicated Loop CCW area for attaching holsters.

• The included Gray man cover can be removed in seconds to reveal a loop area for ID patches. When bullets are flying, it’s important that you are identifiable to friendly forces as a responder and not the threat.

• The Laptop Carrier won’t look out of place in a coffee shop, a university campus, a business meeting or on executive protection personnel.

• One-size fits all body types
• Main Compartment fits hard armor and/or Soft Armor plates 11"x14" or smaller
• Dedicated compartment for soft armor insers 9"x14" or smaller
• Fits all common laptop sizes up to and including 16”

• 500D CORDURA® Mil Spec Tactical Nylon
• Dimensions: 12.9"x17.7"x2.3"
• Weight: 624g
• Main Compartment fits hard or soft armor plates 11"x14" or smaller
• Dedicated compartment for soft armor insers 9"x14" or smaller
• Fits all common laptop sizes up to and including 16”

Optional Level 3A Soft Armor Insert
TSA Approved
• Gives you lightweight, life-saving IIIA protection that you can take anywhere
• Will stop common handgun rounds as specified by NIJ Standard-0101.06 such as 9mm, .40, .45, and .44 magnum.
• Special Threat Tested against 12 Gauge (buckshot and slug), Liberty Civil Defense 9mm and FN 5.7×28 (SS197SR)
• Stab and slash resistant
• 5yr warranty
• Made in the USA

• Fits all common laptop sizes including and up to 16”
• Storage pocket for computer charger, headphones & more
• Also serves as 100% concealable emergency plate carrier
• Goes from shoulder carry to plate carrier fit in seconds
• Fits soft or hard armor panels up to 11"x14"
• Quick access CCW pocket for pistols, magazines, tourniquets & more
• MOLLE Loop area for ID patches with removable ‘Grey Man,’ cover
• Rear luggage handle pass-through

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