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          FIME Group® Enhanced AK/RPK Fire Control Group

          Manufacturer: Fime Group®
          SKU: FIMEFM-922EUS
          Manufacturer part number: FM-922EUS
          GTIN: 850026184006
          Availability: Out of stock
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          The FIME Fire Control Group is a product of excellence in engineering. This American made mil-spec fire control group comes completely assembled delivering superb performance and the ease of drop-in installation.

          Featuring a short .3in length of travel, smooth 5-pound pull, and a corrosion resistant black oxide coating this mil-spec hardened steel FCG was created to excel over the competition. While others try to reverse engineer fire control components, FIME Group has dedicated hours of painstaking research to develop our FCG variants from the ground up.

          FIME's disconnector perfectly mates with their hammer providing full contact, secure lockup and a smooth uniform release. The tail of our disconnector contacts the rear receiver rivet and our hammer retarder stopping any transfer of energy to the trigger components thus eliminating “trigger slap” and increasing the longevity of your receiver. We don’t compromise on quality, yet we offer our FIME Fire Control Group at a competitive price point. We believe in giving customers access to the best in FCG engineering without requiring them to access the deepest reaches of their pocketbook.

          For a detailed walkthrough on how to install our FIME fire control group watch this quick video and see just how quickly you can add this upgrade to your favorite AK pattern firearm.