.308 Marlin Express

The .308 Marlin Express is a cartridge developed in 2007 by Marlin Firearms and Hornady. It is based on the .307 Winchester with a goal to duplicate .308 Winchester performance. The cartridge uses a slightly shorter, semi-rimmed case similar to that of the .220 Swift to function in lever action rifles.Wikipedia
Case length1.910 in (48.5 mm)
Rim diameter.508 in (12.9 mm)
Bullet diameter.308 in (7.8 mm)
Rim thickness.063 in (1.6 mm)
Overall length2.600 in (66.0 mm)
Neck diameter.344 in (8.7 mm)

Hornady 308 Marlin Express 160 gr FTX® LEVERevolution®

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