.300 Remington Ultra Magnum

.300 Remington Ultra Magnum


The .300 Remington Ultra Magnum, also known as the .300 Ultra Mag or .300 RUM is a 7.62 mm caliber rifle cartridge, 7.62×72mm, or .30 caliber rifle cartridge introduced by Remington Arms in 1999. The .300 Remington Ultra Magnum is one of the largest commercially available .30 caliber magnums currently being produced. Wikipedia
Case length2.850 in (72.4 mm)
Case capacity110.2 gr H2O (7.14 cm3)
Parent case.404 Jeffery
Bullet diameter.308 in (7.8 mm)
Rifling twist1–10"
Overall length3.600 in (91.4 mm)
Base diameter.550 in (14.0 mm)

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